A Terrazzo Table Story

It was just a small coffee table, standing in a corner of the office and serving us. It was quite sturdy and had such elegant patterns. Because it was a Terrazzo.
The story for this colorful Terrazzo coffee table, which witnessed our short-term tea and coffee pleasures, started when a sweet female customer entered our office. Miss Merlin wanted a table for her house. Design and a stone table. While trying to describe the table she had imagined, she suddenly caught sight of our little Terrazzo coffee table in the corner and said this: It should be solid, colorful and unique like this. We started to design together.

Welcome Your Guests with the Specially Designed Dining Table.

Terrazzo Masa

Our little terrazzo table got bigger and more colorful. White, blue, orange, yellow colors intertwined and a wonderful 8-person Terrazzo dining table emerged. The Terrazzo Dining Table, which we produced in our Karoistanbul factory, hosted Ms. Merlin’s family and friends in a dining room overlooking the Aegean landscape and began to witness their stories.

Then, our small coffee table multiplied in our factory, some of them were embroidered with symbols and reached many countries of the world from Istanbul to Maldives, America, France, Qatar, England… Today, the Terrazzo tables we produce under the Karoistanbul brand welcome their guests in homes, workplaces, hotels and restaurants all over the world.

Terrazzo Masa

Karoistanbul produces the best quality and elegant Terrazzo coffee tables in the industry. Our skilled craftsmen work for days for 100% handmade Terrazzo tables. We can design and manufacture similar table tops but never the same. Every item we design and manufacture is handmade and unique. That’s why everything you buy is unique and belongs only to you.

If you want a wonderful table that will witness your stories and host your friends with pleasure, contact us. You dream it, we produce it.

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