Ceramic Tiles

Top tiles

Have you examined Karoistanbul ceramic tiles, which has a wide catalog on top tile models? Karoistanbul bathroom and kitchen tiles have simple, modern and perfect lines. Our ceramic tile products can only be used for wall coverings. It is handmade special production. Green, blue, dark blue, red, yellow, gray, white and their different shades are available in our catalogue.

Ceramic tiles category by Karoistanbul - Seramik fayans modelleri

Bathroom tiles

Our recommendation for bathroom tiles is flat ceramic tiles. You can use plain ceramic tiles in bathroom design by combining different models or colors. Our products in this group are: Square, rectangular, carafe, lantern, triangle, oyster shell.

Kitchen tiles

You can use all plain and decorated ceramics in kitchen tiles. You can choose handmade decorated ceramics for your tile design backsplash tile. Our products in our decorated ceramic tiles group: Almond, chain, flower, lotus, round and flora.

Turquoise, the traditional color of the Ottoman and Anatolian, carries the signature of Karoistanbul in our handmade ceramics. You can enjoy using decorated ceramic tiles that we have designed with great love and care on every wall of your home.
Our other product in our ceramic group is Terracotta tiles. You can also use these products for bathroom and kitchen, vineyard houses, cellars, chalets, fireplaces and garden wall designs.
You can check our tile prices and models on our website. Please get support from our sales representatives and designers for your design and proposal requests.