Usage areas of mosaic tile designs

Mozaik çini tasarımları -Mosaic tiles designs

Usage areas of mosaic tile designs can be used in home decorations, interior spaces such as hallways and corridors, as well as open spaces and wet areas of the house. Unlike old tiles, Karoistanbul’s tiles have a harder structure and less absorbency as they are pressed with higher pressure and contain some concrete chemicals. Since the pigments we use, excluding blue, are resistant to ultraviolet rays, the tile tiles we produce can also be laid in open areas such as balconies and terraces, as well as wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Different Uses of Mosaic Tile Designs in Home Decoration:

Tile designs can be applied to large floors, as well as to be used as fireplace tiles in front of fireplaces, in large mirror frames hung on the wall, and on small decorative floors such as tables or coffee tables.
Karoistanbul has a very large collection of tile tile designs. For your home decoration, you can examine and order the mosaic tiles on our site. Contact us for your special requests and help from our designers.

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