Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

Do you need suggestions for kitchen backsplash tile models?
Will you replace your kitchen tiles?
Are you searching for tile models and you are undecided?

If you are looking for answers to these questions about kitchen tile backsplash ideas, you are at the right place. The Karoistanbul brand, which has brought thousands of tiles to its library since 1975, is at your side with its experience of more than 40 years.

When choosing kitchen bascksplash tile models, first decide on the style of your kitchen.
Choose the color of your kitchen cabinets.
Choosing tiles according to the kitchen cabinet instead of the kitchen cabinet according to the tile will make your job easier.

1- Terrazzo Tile Models

Of course, our priority recommendation will be Terrazzo. Terrazzo has become an icon in design in Europe, America and the Middle East in recent years. With modern life’s longing for the past, terrazzos came back into our lives years later. If you want to add a bright and luxurious signature to your kitchen decoration, you should choose terrazzo tiles first. We recommend Terrazzo White Basic Tile or Terrazzo White Classic Tile series for your kitchen cabinets in white, blue, gray or aqua green tones.

2- Blue Decorated Handmade Ceramic Tiles Models

Among the Karoistanbul ceramic tiles, the most preferred ceramics backsplash tiles are blue. For your solid color kitchen cabinets, you can choose rose-patterned, floral-patterned or circular-patterned tiles in the Blue decor handmade ceramic tile models group. These tiles will add a sparkling and stylish atmosphere to your kitchen with their texture, color and patterns. Provide a timeless atmosphere by combining traditional lines with modern kitchen design.

3- 10×10 Flat Ceramic Tiles Models

The new trend 10×10 flat ceramic tile models among kitchen ceramic tile models will add a soft and modern atmosphere to your kitchen. You can complete it with your kitchen cabinets by choosing pink, gray and light yellow 10×10 plain ceramics.

4- Mosaic Tile Tiles Models

Mosaic tiles, which have not gone out of fashion for centuries, are constantly renewed, and have fascinated us with every pattern and line from past to present. If you want a special touch to your kitchen, you can choose the Innovative and Retro series of Basic Patterned Mosaic Tiles.
For a little more color, then we can recommend you the Ocean tile mosaic series with its elegant patterns.

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