Cement Tiles Basic Design

Cement tiles basic design collection: Kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, fireplace, etc. You can use it in all places. Immerse yourself in the charm of this year’s tiles. Create custom designs indoors and outdoors. What’s in the Karoistanbul cement mosaic tile collection? Discover traditional, minimal, retro, innovative, geometric, ocean, polka dot series.

Traditiionals Cement Basic Tiles -11BSTR07701-2

These series for your garden, floor tiles and fireplace will inspire you. Each of our tiles is designed by our talented artists. Of course, it was produced by master hands. We have been delivering our designs all over the world since 1975. We design your living spaces specially for you. Mediterranean, North African, Far East and Anatolian motifs are used in our designs. We are inspired by their stories. Check out our other cement tiles products. Every pattern in our patterned mosaic tile tile collection is attributed to a period. We reflected timelessness with minimally patterned cement tiles.

She shed light on the recent past with retro patterned mosaic tile tiles. Our dotted basic design cement tiles, on the other hand, blinked to the 1950s. Our ocean-pattern mosaic tile tiles invoke the infinity of blue. We brought mathematics and art together with geometric patterned mosaic tile tiles. Our traditional patterned mosaic tile tiles revived our memories. Finally, we reflected the innovative spirit of Karoistanbul with our innovative patterned mosaic tile tiles.