Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Floor and Wall Tiles

Karoistanbul in the press Interior Desingers-3-2020-Terrazzo Karolar

Terrazzo tiles will add identity to your decoration with its stylish and flawless surface that can adapt to any space. These tiles, which have a smooth and shiny surface, are also practical and easy to use. As with all our tiles, we do not recommend using chemical cleaners for cleaning on terrazzo tiles.

Karoistanbul terrazzo collection

Karoistanbul terrazzo collection consists of three different series. Terrazzo basic series; Aggregate dimensions are small and have a simple design. It has general tiny white colors in pink, white, gray and green color tones. Terrazzo Classic series; Aggregate sizes are medium and more colorful. You can find products in different tones such as black, green, blue, yellow, pink and white. Terrazzo palladiana series; It has been preferred for many years especially in floor coverings. Aggregate sizes are large and much more colorful. These tiles offer a perfect design opportunity for any space. It has the convenience of combining in itself.