Terrazzo Palladiana Tiles

Terrazzo palladiana tiles have larger aggregate sizes and are more colorful than other Terrazzo tile series (especially Terrazzo Classic tiles). You can find terracotta style design inspirations in some of Karoistanbul Terrazzo palladiana products.
Terrazzo tiles, which contain alloys such as marble, quartz and granite, provide a perfect sparkle to the place where they are used.

Terrazzo palladiana tiles by Karoistanbul

We also come across terrazzo floor coverings in Göbekli Tepe, which is the oldest settlement in history.
In terrazzo tiles, we can see that pastel tones such as green, pink, gray, white and brown are reflected like glass.
Karoistanbul terrazzo masters are carefully selected masters who give importance to fine craftsmanship in their work. Terrazzo palladiana tiles are preferred on all wet floors such as bathrooms, kitchens and halls. We stand by our customers with our first class terrazzo production. We design your spaces together and reflect your dreams to the spaces. With Terrazzo designs, we make distinguished not only in your home, but also in your office and all your areas such as hotels, restaurants, beauty centers, cafes, administration buildings.